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Ignit Sports Foundation is a tax-exempt organization that seeks to provide athletic opportunities for  boys and girls.   These opportunities include:                                                                                                       

  • Individual or group sport specific coaching instruction 
  • Individual or group strength/agility/speed training 
  • Youth sport team participation 
  • Utilization of Ignit sports facilities for non-profit groups 
  • Support of community fitness programs 

Ignit Sports Foundation believes youth sports create a unique experience that develops self-confidence, discipline, leadership, socialization and academic performance. The goal of the Ignit Sports Foundation is to provide opportunities and access to elite level sports coaching, training and facilities in a fun and safe environment.  Enabling boys and girls of all skill levels to maximize their athletic potential.  


The Ignit Sports Foundation desires to serve the following communities:                                                    

  • Individuals or athletic teams with a financial need 
  • Non-Profit Organizations that can utilize Ignit’s facilities or coaching/training services for its youth 
  • Families of military, police or fire
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200SW 37th Street, Ste 100
Grimes, Iowa  50111  

(515) 331 - 7714


Monday - Friday:  By Appointment
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Sunday:  Closed
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